Friday, December 01, 2006

KOMIKON 2006 Sitemap

KOMIKON 2006: 2nd Filipino Komiks Convention
October 21, 2006
UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Welcome to Komikon - Introduction to KOMIKON 2006

Official Poster: Komikon 2006

How to Get to Komikon - Map and instructions on how to get to UP Bahay ng Alumni to attend KOMIKON

KOMIKON 2006 Partners - Sponsors and Exhibitors

Komikon Special on Hero TV - Special Komikon Coverage of HERO TV

Komikon Awards!

Polls are now open! Please read before voting - About the Komikon Awards, and how to vote

Komikon Award Winners - Congratulations to the following winners of the first Komikon Awards 2006!


Guest for Komikon 2006 - Ms Elizabeth Chionglo

Guest for Komikon 2006: Steve Gan - Mr Steve Gan


Comic Creation Contest - This year’s theme is : “Pinoy Movie Clich├ęs”

Editorial Cartoon Contest - The cartoon should be based on the Theme: “May Pera Ba sa Komiks?”

Character Making Contest - Character should be a “Kosmik Komik Karakter”

Indie Comic Contest - An Indie tiangge will be available for all those who would like to sell their independent comics on the day of the event subject to terms ...

LEAD Slinger Challenge - Sponsored by IAS / Storyboards Online

LEAD Slinger Challenge Guidelines - How to Join the Lead Slinger Challenge

Mango Jam Fan Art Contest Mechanics - Submit one (1) colored fan art of any existing Mango Jam character

The Great Level UP Artists Search Contests 2006 - Sponsored by Level Up Games, Inc.

Ragnarok Online Comics Creation Competition - Theme is “Ragnarok: New Beginnings”

Quest for the RF Online Illustrator - Theme will be based on a script created by the Philippine RF Online Scribes...

Application Form for LEVEL UP Contests - Download the Application Form

Speed Drawing Conest - To be held anytime through out the day of the Komikon

On-the-Spot Comic Strip Making Contest - Registration on day of Komikon

Updates!! Komikon 2006 Contests - Submission Details

Komikon 2006 Indie Contest Registration - CLOSED - List of Final Participants

Contests Winners

2006 Komikon Contest Winners - Congratulations to the following people who participated on the various Komikon 2006 Contests...

LEAD Slinger Contest Winner - The five finalists of LEAD Slinger

Level UP Games Komikon Winners - winners of Level UP Artists Search at KOMIKON 2006

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