Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ragnarok Online Comics Creation Competition


1. This contest’s theme is “Ragnarok: New Beginnings” .

2. On a standard-sized bond paper (8.5 x 11 inches), draw your original Ragnarok comic strip. It must have panels, word balloons, sound effects, etc. like a comic strip.

3. You may use either “portrait” or “landscape” orientation. Entries should be one page only.

4. You may use any traditional medium (pen and ink, watercolors, etc.) or computer/digital art. For computer/digital entries, please submit a CD using 300dpi resolution JPEG on 8.5x11 inches.


40% Visual narrative
Knowledge and application of the visual language of comics. This includes legibility, flow of visual sequences, and overall knowledge of sequential storytelling theories.

20% Story / Conceptualization
Concept and integration of the given theme in a cohesive and entertaining tale.

30% Illustration Skills / Technical expertise
Refers to the adeptness of the contestant to illustrate, color and letter their work.

10% Overall impact
This refers to how all of the elements unite to form a solid comic.


1. Grand Prize:
a. 200 million zenny to your RO Character of choice
b. +3 extra (sure success. No fail) overupgrade to 1 item of choice (max of +10)
c. 20 Old Purple Boxes
d. RO Merchandise
e. Php 2,500 Cash Price

2. First Runner Up:
a. 100 Million zenny to your RO Character of choice
b. +2 extra (sure success. No fail) overupgrade to 1 item of choice (max of +10)
c. 10 Old Purple Boxes
d. RO Merchandise
e. Php 1,500 Cash Price

3. Second Runner Up:
a. 50 Million zenny to your RO Character of choice
b. +1 extra (sure success. No fail) overupgrade to 1 item of choice (max of +10)
c. 5 Old Purple Boxes
d. RO Merchandise
e. Php 1,000 Cash Price

General Guidelines

1. Level Up! Artists Search 2006 is open to all Filipinos, aged 18 and above. It would be nice if they are players of Level Up!’s games but it is not required.

2. Entries must be properly labeled with the following:
• Full name
• Age
• Address
• Contact numbers (landline and/or cellphone)
• E-mail address
• Title of entry
• Medium (please give a description of materials and techniques used)
• Essay (please write an essay with at least 200 words about yourself and your entry)

3. Entries must be accompanied by a properly filled-up Application Form. Forms are available at the Level Up! Games Office, 8th Floor Pacific Star Building, Buendia Ave. cor. Makati Ave., Makati City. Or you may download it here.

4. Entries must be accompanied by the following:
• Bio-data
• 2x2 inch colored ID photo (please write your name on the back of the photo)

5. There is no entry fee. You may submit as many entries as you want as long as each entry is properly labeled and has all of the above requirements. Please don’t submit multiple copies of the same entry.

6. Entries must be unframed, dry and properly packed. They must have backing like corrugated board for support, and transparent plastic cover for protection.

7. Entries may be sent or delivered to:

Level Up! Games Office
11th Floor Pacific Star Building
Buendia Ave. cor. Makati Ave.
Makati City

Or they may be sent or delivered to:

Komikon 2006 /Artists’ Den
Ariel Atienza
43 Esteban St., Mandaluyung City
Quezon City

Deadline for early submission of entries is Thursday, October 19, 2006.

8. Entries may also be submitted to the Level Up! booth at the Komikon 2006, UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Final deadline for this will be at 12 noon on Saturday, October 21, 2006.

9. Failure to comply with these rules shall automatically disqualify the participant. Level Up! reserves the right to disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate. Decisions of the judges are final. Appeals will not be entertained.

10. Entries will be exhibited at Komikon 2006 event on October 21, 2006 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. Judging and announcement of winners will be in the evening.

11. Winning ALL entries will become the property of Level Up! Level Up! will have full rights and copyright privileges thereafter.

12. Participants or their authorized representatives may retrieve non-winning entries after the event or at the Level Up! Office. Entries not retrieved after November 15, 2006 will become the property of Level Up!

13. Level Up! may photograph participants and entries at its discretion. Joining this contest constitutes an agreement by the participants to allow Level Up! to use their likeness and/or their entry’s image in any current/future advertisement, promotion, or product.

This contest is brought to you by KOMIKON and our Co-Presentor, Level Up Games.

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