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Call For Nominations: Komikon Awards 2009

The first ever KOMIKON AWARDS was held back in 2006 on the 2nd year of the Philippine Annual Komiks Convention. It is with great delight that we bring it back in a bigger and better venue and in celebrating the event’s 5th year. Once again, let us give recognition to those who continue to pour their heart, soul and income to a said “ailing industry” that still thrives to bring entertainment to future generations.

The categories are as follows:

Best Comic

This is for the ultimate… the chosen one. This is for the best among the rest. This means that the comic has achieved its ultimate potential; it’s all that and then some. This covers the mainstream comics, published and sold in the major local bookstores. This is for those that have reached the pinnacle of comic making; it’s up there, head and shoulders above the rest, looking down on us through a magnifying glass. This is for the comic that embodies all the things that made us love comics in the first place. The Best Comic award is divided in four categories:

  • Best Graphic Novel / Anthology*
  • Graphic Novels are defined as novels whose narrative is related through a combination of text and art, often in comic-strip form. On the other hand, an anthology is a collection of stand alone comic book stories collected in one publication by a group or one author. This award aims to honor the best comic book creator or group of creators for their exemplary work.

  • Best Serialized Comic*
  • A comic series published regularly in a magazine, newspaper or comic book publication.

  • Best Comic Magazine
  • This award is given to the best comic book magazine still seeing print be it a single story or made up of several.

  • Best Comic Strip Compilation
  • Here’s a step from the day-to-day print to more lasting impressions. One strip is never enough.

Best Comic Creator/s*

This award recognizes the talents of a solo artist or team of artists in making the best comic there is.

Best Cover*

A cover dictates how people see your comic. Sales also depend on the cover. And here we salute those covers that made us look and look hard. And the effort to it took to conceptualize, pencil, ink, and in some cases, to color the cover. The award shall go to the artist or group of artists that created such masterpiece.

Best Cartoonist*

The award acknowledges the countless comic strip artists whose works are published in newspapers, tabloids and magazines. Some might say that comic strip artists don’t get the props that they deserve. They give us the simple delight of a smile, a chuckle or an all-out laugh. They’re one of those everyday things we tend to pass by, yet they’re sometimes important as their humor is sometimes the only solace in those dreary days.

Grassroot Award*

This award is for those countless photocopied mini-comics that we now fondly call “indies”. That among those countless black and white comics stood out and proved to be the one with the most Oomph! of them all. This is for the indie that made the biggest dent among the populace be it good or bad, it made enough noise for people to look and take notice. It made enough of a statement that people actually stopped and listened. It brought something new and fresh that has never been done or seen before. Be it the concept, the art, or the story, it was a breath of fresh air among the masses of photocopied, folded in half and stapled twice in the spine comics. This is meant for those who dreamt of making a mark on the comic industry, and have succeeded, quite magnificently at that.

Best Webcomic*

A lot of effort goes into the webcomics we see and enjoy on the net. And they do not get the credit they deserve. But that’s why we are here, to give props to those under-appreciated webcomics, to give to where it is due.

Komiks Character of the Year

This award is for the most memorable, the funniest and most unforgettable komiks character. It could be male, female, a robot, an animal…anything. This is for our respective favorites, villain or hero.

Best Comic Scene

Who would forget that first kiss, that most tragic death, that most exhilarating fight, or even that scene that brought you to tears or made you curl up in laughter?

Comics Aid Award

Komiks would have not been possible if creators did not have any help. This is for those who have helped take comics from concept to fruition, from the little things to the humongous tasks. For all those who helped from photocopiers to publishers, family and friends, for artists, fans and fellow believers who continue to spread awareness about the industry, this is for those who have helped make what we see before our eyes.


* Different titles created by a single artist/group can be nominated in one category.

• Nominated works, whether published, independent, or web comic, should have been released from 2006 until May 2009.

• Artists and works that have been nominated during the first KOMIKON Awards can still be nominated considering that their work/s is/are still being published during the nomination period.

• Nomination period will begin on July 1, 2009 and end on July 15, 2009.

• E-mail your nominations to komikon.awards[@] with the subject: KOMIKON AWARDS NOMINATION. Only e-mail nominations will be accepted.


• Voting period will be from August 10 – September 20, 2009. The voting procedures will be announced.

For inquiries about the Komikon Awards, please feel free to comment or direct your questions to komikon.awards[@]

Monday, May 25, 2009

KSF 2009 Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated in all the contests. Congratulations to the following winners!!!

Character Making Contest
Theme: Lamang Dagat

1st: "Bathaluman ng Abo" by Manuel Kristoffer M. Kang
2nd: "Luminosa" by Adrianna Francesca B. Torres
3rd: "Romei" by Nina Rouselle de Polonia

Comic Creation Contest
Theme: Nag-iinit sa Tag-Init

1st: Mel Khristopher Casipit
2nd: John Paul de la Rama
3rd: Thadeus Obaob

JACK TV Pin Up Contest:
Theme: Jack TV Animation Characters in Summer Attire

1st: John Prudenciano
2nd: Joshua Rei Macapagal
3rd: Garrett Dominic Gonzales

JACK TV Comic Strip Making Contest
Theme: How Wrestlers Prepare for the Summer

1st: Vic Ching
2nd: Mulong Gonzales Jr
3rd: Kristian Francisco

Fiesta Games Winners:


1st: Adrian P. Asuncion
2nd: Mark Jacob M. Abella
3rd: Beverly Crisologo-Lolarga


Winner: Joyce Asiddao
Runner Up: Aryan Esguerra


1st: Porky
2nd: Roy Fredrick Carreon
3rd: Jonathan Salazar

KOMIKON IDOL: Ian Walter Along

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post Komikon Summer Fiesta Reviews

We are trying to look all over the internet for what people thought of Komikon and here are snippets of the reviews that we saw. Some have also uploaded pictures and videos. To read the full review, just follow the link.

1. Usually I attend conventions for the purpose of anime/cosplay related stuff; however, for this time around, I attended a convention not for this reason and even excluded the idea of it. My purpose of going to Komikon 2009 was really for comics ... Attending an anime convention usually only robs my wallet of its money because of the entrance fee; however, attending a convention on comics robs my wallet of almost all of its money. by nopickup

2. Managed to get a handful of local titles: Cadre: Amerikanong Hilaw, Baboy, The Girl Who Turned Into a Fish, and Ang Maskot. I'm liking the latter very very much. ... It was also announced that there will be another Komikon around October, and this time in a bigger venue. That means will just have enough time to read and recover from this event. Here's hoping that will have more finds (and funds to buy the finds) later this year. by kantogirl

3. Just got back. Seems 4 hours is about all I can take before shoulders collapse from carrying loot! But can't wait for next one. Might be fun to get a table next time but I don't know anyone who could share it with me. :/ by andrael

4. I was waiting for the organizers to announce the Komikon plans for that huge PICCA event in October. PICCA is the Philippine International Cartoons, Comics and Animation Festival that’s going to be held at the SM Megamall from October 15-18. I was aware of this because I’m one of those helping organize the event.

It’s a huge thing, and a big deal, so my ears were peeled towards the stage for any announcements. The only announcement I heard was my name being called to the stage, along with Sir Orvy Jundis. And as we sat there on the stage, in front of everyone in the Komikon, we were asked to announce the PICCA. Oh, I’M going to make the announcement. ha! ha!

It was also announced that another Komikon will be held on October 18 at the SM Megatrade Hall, which would be, in effect, the 4th day of the PICCA. There’s lots more to be said about this huge event, but I will make a separate post about it soon.

At 7:00pm we packed up, and as it has become our tradition after selling ELMER at the Komikon, we passed by KFC and had a bucket of chicken before we went back home.

Review, Photos and Video by Gerry Alanguilan

5. this is the first time i have attended a KomiKon chevers.. there were people in anime costumes and there were other people in Komix costumes.. hahaha.. there were people on the stage and there were people on their duties selling goodies and stuffs.. hahaha.. tpos there are some artists displaying their collection of ibang authors ng komix na nandito, ngautograph signing (with some photos) by Nikka Mae

6. Going to these great conventions require a lot of self-control even if you are not a hardcore comic collector or fan. Why? Because everyone can relate to any comic/cartoon character by Sire

7. Went to Summer Komikon yesterday. "Summer" because they followed komiket's bi-annual frequency in holding events.

Stayed for around 4 hours in the event. None of the comics sold by established and indie artists caught my eye but the place wasn't boring. Dunno why, maybe it's just because I haven't been to UP since my departure from the former company. by bryan_datenshi

8. I didn't expect the Summer Komikon to be crowded. It may not be as crowded as the November Komikon but I was surprised there are a lot of people including students having money to spend during the summer vacation. by Hazel Manzano

9. All in all the KOMIKON 2009 Summer Fiesta was a smashing success. A lot of comic enthusiasts get to have good quality works of art that they all love to read, collect, and be inspired with. To shake the hands of those who serve as a role model for aspiring artists and admiring art colleagues. by Gelboy Aldaba

10. it was my first time on the other side of the exhibition table, and i'm still a little high from the experience. whew!

thanks to all the people who bought ang maskot, especially the folks who told their friends about it, or even better, came back later with a friend in tow, going, "that's the one i was telling you about," right in front of me, thus shaming the friend into buying a copy. you guys have a special place in my heart. (Plus: hourly comics) by mcoy

11. It was…noisy, crowded, fun, and hot in the Bahay ng Alumni at U.P. Diliman. Hopefully I have something to sell on the next Komikon. (with photos) by Edgar Tadeo

12. As usual, I forgot to bring an electric fan for the booth, and thanks to my polar bear body, I was sweating buckets the minute I sat down. So, I must apologize to all the people who asked me to sign their books and I just ended up sweating on the pages.

I must also apologize to everyone that I already and forgot that already met them. (You have to help me out! I'm on old man!) by Budjette Tan

13. I went to the Summer Komikon 2009 with 3 goals: 1) to buy a box for my comic books; 2) to look for issues 2-4 of Cursed; and 3) to enjoy the experience. It was my first time, after all.

After a snack and one more round of going around the venue, I left the Summer Komikon. While I may not have fully accomplished goal number 1, I did accomplish goals 2 and 3, with a few more kicks thrown in. I went home tired, but truly satisfied with my first Komikon experience! I can’t wait for the next one! by Ryan

14. I’m glad they decided to hold an additional komikon in the summer–or, in the event that they’ve actually done so before, I’m glad I heard about it in time this year. I loved the way they identified the Marshalls this year–via speech baloons which said “Marshall Ako”

That being said, I’m very happy Komikon appears to be a resounding success this year as well. I saw the entries in the character creation contest and saw some well-executed works, and while I don’t know who won, I found myself partial to the dugong-turtle hybrid, if only due to sheer cute-ness of concept. by Bahay Talinhaga

15. Uhhh...I spent more than a meant to at Komikon today. I was planning to just look around and pick up three or four indie comics, because I'm saving up for a camera. But I'm such an easy sell that I ended up with a lot more. Seriously, as long as you look at me and tell me about your comic, I will buy it. Even if it sounds like something I wouldn't like. Even if the art is all squiggles. I'll give anything a chance. by eula_tequila

16. Philippine Daily Inquirer’s head cartoonist Jess Abrera was able to attend the closing activities of Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009, just in time to bask in the glow of his son Manix Abrera’s successful Alab ng Puso book tour.

Pol Medina, Jr. was also able to launch Book 21 of his Pugad Baboy series. The Komikon team was even able to get him to sign his last-minute endorsement of the event in last Friday’s Pugad Baboy strip in PDI. (with photos) by Lyndon Gregorio

17. The sun was shining and the wasn’t a single rain cloud in sight as we lined up to get ourselves the “Early-Bird Freebies” for the early attendees. The hot weather didn’t deter us from our mission as we got hold of the loot: the official KomiKon fan (it was orange this time), a couple of flyers, and a Justice League poster! the ticket price was very cheap for Php 50, since you will be granted access to all sorts of merchandise, comics related or not!

Review and videos by iamryanm



1. by superpotato
2. by Ronald Guanzon
3. by Azrael Coladilla, 2nd album
4. by

*If we missed your review or your photos, please email us at komikon[@] and we'll add your link to our list. Thank you very much!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You For Joining The KOMIKON Fiesta

It was truly hot!!!

We would like to thank our dear sponsors for helping us in this event:

PSICOM Publishing
Enchanted Kingdom

our store partners:

Comic Odyssey and CS Centrl

our media partners:

Circuit Magazine
UNO magazine
Dream FM 106.7
Vibal Publishing and the POC (Philippine Online Chronicle)

Thanks to our cool guest artists, Wilson Tortosa and Manix Abrera!
Thanks to all our exhibitors
Thanks to all who joined the contests and congratulations to all the winners!
Thanks to those who joined the Indie Tiangge
Thanks to the UP Lunarock and UP Engineering Society for being our marshalls.
Thanks to our food concessionaire
Thanks again to UP Bahay ng Alumni, our home for the past 5 years...

THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED!!! The KOMIKON SUMMER FIESTA would be nothing without you!!!

Please feel free to share your comments, reviews, pictures, videos...leave us links :D

Please continue to support the Philippine comics industry and continue to support us...
especially on OCTOBER 18, 2009 for the 5th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention at the Megatrade Hall 1 at the SM Megamall! we shall post updates on that as soon as we could.

Again..THANK YOU!!!!

-KOMIKON Committee

Friday, May 15, 2009

KSF2009 Floorplan

Please see our latest floor plan for Komikon Summer Fiesta. Please disregard earlier floor plans.

Another Reason To Go To Komikon Summer Fiesta

Meet Pol Medina Jr and have him sign your Pugad Baboy copies. Grab the latest Pugad Baboy 21!*

*Due to the volume of people, we might limit the number of books you can have signed per visit, then you'll have to line up again. Take note that PMJ might arrive at any time during the program and leave at any time as well.

Komikon Summer Fiesta
May 16, 2009, 10 am to 8 pm
UP Bahay ng Alumni

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Program Schedule - KSF 2009

Want to know what's going to happen at Komikon? Check out our schedule below

10:00 ........... Gates Open
10:00 - 12:00 .. Jack TV Contests Registration (Jack TV area)
10:30 - 12:30 .. Komikon Idol Registration (Videoke area)
11:00 - 12:00 .. Fiesta Games (On Stage)
12:00 - 12:30 .. TV5 (On Stage)
12:30 - 01:30 .. Fiesta Games (On Stage)
12:30 - 01:30 .. JACK TV Comic Strip Making contest (Jack TV area)
01:30 - 02:00 .. CREATIVOICES (On Stage)
01:30 - 02:30 .. JACK TV Pin-up contest
02:30 - 03:30 .. Komikon Idol (On Stage)
03:30 - 04:00 .. Jack TV (On Stage)
04:00 - 04:30 .. Vibal / The POC (On Stage)
04:30 - 05:00 .. Guest: Wilson Tortosa (On Stage)
05:00 - 05:30 .. Guest: Manix Abrera (On Stage)
05:30 - 06:00 .. Philippine Animation Magazine (On Stage)
06:00 - 06:30 .. SKP / PICCA Festival Announcements (On Stage)
06:30 - 07:00 .. Komikon Awards Announcements (On Stage)
07:00 - 07:30 .. Winners Announcements and Awarding (On Stage)
07:30 - 08:00 .. Karaoke Open Mic (On Stage)

*Please note that this schedule is a guide and may be subject to deviation on the actual event.

Contests From Komikon & Jack TV

Join the following on-the-spot contests sponsored by JACK TV!!!


1. Registration is from 10am-12noon. Register at the JACK TV table (left of the entrance). Only first 20 registrants will be accepted.
2. Contest starts at 12:30 pm
3. Contestants will create a 10x3 inch strip using any existing WWE wrestler/s based on the theme that will only be revealed when the contest starts.
4. Paper and pencils will be provided. Additional drawing materials brought by the contestants may be used.
5. After the time limit of 60 minutes, artworks will be judged. Finished or not finished.


1.Registration is from 10am-12noon. Register at the JACK TV table (left of the entrance) Only first 20 registrants will be accepted.
2.Contest starts at 1:30 pm
3.Contestants will draw any existing Character from any of JACK TV's animated series
based on the theme that will only be revealed when the contest starts.
4. Paper and pencils will be provided. Additional drawing materials brought by the contestants may be used.
5. After the time limit of 60 minutes, artworks will be judged. Finished or not finished.


from the organizers of Komikon, we bring you...

the first ever KOMIKON IDOL!

Only the first ten to register by the videoke machine located at the venue will be accepted.

Registration time is from 10:30- 1:30pm.

Also come early and join our fiesta games!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Official Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009 Poster

Official Poster: Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009The Hottest Komiks Event This Summer!

UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman
May 16, 2009, 10am-8pm, Saturday
Entrance Fee: Php 50.00
(*Early arrivers will get lots of freebies!!)

With Special Guests...

Wilson Tortosa (Wolverine: Prodigal Son)


Manix Abrera

Join our PALARONG PINOY including our first ever "KOMIKON IDOL"!!! And stay tuned for the announcement of BIGGER THINGS TO COME.

See you all there!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Komikon Indie COMICS Tiangge Clarifications

There has been a lot of questions on the Terms of the Komikon Indie Tiangge. After deliberation by the committee, we would like to inform everyone of the following guidelines:

1) Komikon COMICS Indie Tiangge is for selling comics - original or fanfics are accepted.

2) Merchandise will be allowed, ONLY IF, it is based on your own original comics' creation/characters.

3) Any other merchandise will not be allowed. Unauthorized items will be confiscated by a Komikon representative.

4) Individuals/groups found to have violated the terms and conditions will be subject to disciplinary actions and consequent penalties.

Examples of items that will be allowed:

-Original comics that you (or your group) created using your own original characters;

-Doujin/fan-made comics that you (or your group) created based on other characters as drawn by you with your own interpretation;

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) made by you (or your group) based on your original characters from your original comics

Examples of items that WILL NOT be allowed:

-Pornographic comics and non-comics merchandise depicting child/children

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on your fan made comics

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on established comics/anime/movie/etc characters that you do not own

Any questions or clarifications must be directed towards the Komikon Organizers via email at komikon[@]

Monday, March 09, 2009

KSF Teaser Poster

Want some of this?

Komikon Summer Fiesta Teaser Poster

Then go to Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009!

May 16, 2009; 10am - 8pm; Saturday
UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Q.C.
Entrance fee: P50

Keep watching for updates!!!

For tables and other inquiries, email us at komikon[@]

KSF Contests: Character Creation and Comic Creation

Good news! We are announcing two contests for the coming Komikon Summer Fiesta! Check out the details below for the Summer Character Creation Contest and the Summer Comic Creation Contest.


This year’s theme is :

"Lamang Dagat"

(Create a Sea / Water Creature / Character)

  • Contest is open to all comic book artists except for professionals with published works sold in bookstores.
  • CREATE AN ORIGINAL Sea / Water Creature / Character
  • Write a short write up about your character.
  • Entries can be digitally of traditionally rendered.
  • Entries are to be submitted online with a canvass size of 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size) and having the resolution of 150 - 300dpi. E-mail entries to komikon[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject: SUMMER KOMIKON: Character Making Contest. Only e-mail entries are accepted.
  • One entry per person only.
  • Deadline of submission of entries is on April 25, 2009
  • E-mail should include the following information:
a. Name of Character:
b. Short description:
c. Name of Artist:
d. Age:
e. School/occupation:
f. Contact information (mobile no./e-mail)



This year’s theme is :

"Nag-iinit sa Tag-init"

(Create a Summer themed comic using this title.)

  • Contest is open to all comic book artists except for professionals with published works sold in bookstores.
  • Contestants / groups are limited to only one entry.
  • Entries submitted by groups are required to submit the names of the individuals involved in creating the indie. Group entries with professionals on board are automatically disqualified.
  • Entries should adhere to the given theme. Entries deviating from the theme shall be automatically disqualified.
  • Deadline of submissions will be on April 25, 2009. Entries submitted beyond April 25 shall not be accepted.
  • Winners shall be announced on the event itself on May 16 and shall be notified via e-mail or phone.
  • The judge's decision is final.

Submit 3 copies of your entry via air mail to

c/o Jon Zamar at 132 a Narra Street,
Project 3, Quezon City 1102
*send us an email at komikon[@] to confirm if we have received it

or through the following drop off points which will be announced.

Additional guidelines:
  • Entries should be in the form of a comic book with the following specs: 8.5 X 6.5 (long bond paper, folded, and stapled twice in the middle)
  • Entries should be placed in a short brown envelope with their name, address, phone number, and e-mail written legibly at the upper left hand corner.
  • Stories must be 4 to 12 pages long (excluding cover)
  • Please note that entries are non-returnable. Entries should be reproductions only. (originals will not be returned)
  • Colored and/or black and white entries are accepted.
  • There are no restrictions as to the genre or art style that can be used as long as the comic book follows the given theme.
  • The story should be in the form of a one-shot title. It should be whole in itself, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Multiple comic stories in a single entry (anthology) will not be allowed.

Criteria for Judging:

40% Visual narrative: Knowledge and application of the visual language of comics.

30% Story: Concept and integration of the given theme in a cohesive and entertaining tale.

20% Presentation:
Expertise in comic book production. This includes legibility, quality of reproduction, and overall tech savvy.

10% Overall impact:
This refers to how all of the elements unite to form a solid comic book.

Friday, February 20, 2009

KSF 2009 Indie Tiangge Registration


There will be 12 tables provided for the indie tiangge.
Three (3) groups/individuals per table (only 3 chairs per table).
First 36 groups/individuals to complete the registration process will be allowed to sell their comics / merchandise at the event.


1) A registration form must be downloaded, filled out and submitted to along with scanned covers and 2 inside pages of indies to be sold. Send with the subject: KOMIKON SUMMER INDIE TIANGGE 2009

Download Individual Registration Form
Download Group Registration Form

2) Upon approval of the registration form, a registration fee of P100 must be deposited.

Detailed procedures can be read from the registration form. All inquiries / questions must be sent to

*If you wish to be a sponsor / partner / exhibitor, email us at komikon[@] or you may download the proposal and floor plan (as of Feb. 16, 2009).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Hottest Convention This Summer!!!

YES, maybe, literally and figuratively...It's going to be the HOTTEST CONVENTION THIS SUMMER!!!

Date: May 16, 2009, Saturday
Time: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Venue: UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, QC
Tickets: P50

Wear your coolest summer clothes and catch the first wave of bigger things to come!!! Stay tuned for more details.

For sponsors, exhibitors and indie tiangge inquiries, please email