Friday, November 28, 2008

Komikon 2008 Coverage and Reviews

A week after Komikon, everyone still can't stop talking about it. Here are some highlights/coverage of what people are saying about Komikon 2008:

From our media partners:

Newswatch at RPN 9 - interview with Komikon Organizer Syeri Baet of Carpool and quotation from Gerry Alanguilan (November 24, 2008)

Tech Trends at News on Q* - A look at how the internet and technology has helped Filipino komiks and creators. With interview from Budjette Tan of Trese, Hazel Manzano of Callwork and Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada. (November 27, 2008) (*sorry for the boo boo.. It's Tech Trends, not Trendwatch T_T )

Tech Trends at News on Q - A segment segment on Komikon and gadgets featuring Wacom and College of St. Benilde (to be aired on December 2, 2008, 9:30 pm)

Kult of Komikon - personal event coverage of Mr. Ramon De Veyra, On the Radar lifestyle columnist at the PhilStar. (Published November 30, 2008)

Photo Coverage from ArtistsDen, UP LUNAROCK and UP GRAIL:

Komiks 101 Talk (Nov 17) - from Noelle
Lecture: Comic Writing for Artists (Nov 20) - from Noelle
Lecture: Publishing Comics (Nov 21) - from Noelle
Random Shots at UP FA and Bahay ng Alumni (Nov 21) - from Raisa (warning! some semi-nudity :p)
Komikon Day! (Nov 22) - from Noelle
Komikon 2008 (Nov 22) - from Raisa
Komikon 2008 (Nov 22) - from Marla

From attendees (most have pics and vids so check it out):
*If you've got a komikon coverage and it's not here, please email us at komikon[@] with the subject: Komikon 2008 Coverage and we'll gladly add them! Add'l reviews will be added at the end. Thanks!

  • I went to the Komikon 2008 yesterday as a media man and I’m there to do a photo coverage of the event and also to support Filipino komiks. I arrived late and I’m already getting worried that some komiks that I’m planning to grab might ... Azrael C. more: Photo Coverage 1, PC 2, PC 3
  • Komikon is over once more, and its been great as usual. The weather held up. ... Lyndon G.
  • Komikon was a success! Met a lot of people from DA and Manila Bulletin. We also had a talk/ interview during the event about SKP since that is one of the highlights of the event. Thank you for all the fans who supported Callwork from ... Hazel M.
  • I was very happy for Arlan, this being his first Komikon experience and his first comic book. It was clear he was nearly out of his mind with excitement, specially when he met one of his idols, Tony De Zuniga. ... Gerry A., Post Komikon Report, video
  • Just got home from Komikon. (yes, yes, note the icon) Much indies and stuffs has been had. *______* (Will post/steal the pics soon) ORZ I think I mixed my stuffs and Nami's stuffs. Oh and Nami, thanks for the bento! ... Meru
  • It's been more than an hour already since i got back from the event. Once again Komikon was able to deliver the best range of mangas, comics and indie publications one could ever had in our country. ... Kite
  • he best Komikon I've been to so far! Super saya lang talaga, nandun ako from 8am -8pm and I never got bored. I got tired though, after all that running around. I'ma post a really really better entry tomolo. (I wanted to post now, ... gigil
  • Every year Komikon 2008 gets better with substance, and content on what's been happening in the Philippine comics industry. ... There will be others who will start their own comics related convention, but when you talk about comics industry in general nothing captures the essence than Komikon. ... Mark C.
  • went off to UP to go to the Komikon, which I have been failing to attend for the past three years no thanks to me and all my reasons. XP Anyway, It wasn't as crowded as I expected, which meant majority of the expected attendees were ... slender_dragon
  • Photobucket kasama ko rin yung Geeky Little Boy Photobucket ang haggard sa loob, ang haggard ng pila magpa-autograph. ang haggard ang daming tao parang divisoria. susme! at ang gwapo ni pol medina jr! ang tatay ng pugad-baboy! ... ging
  • Images from GuhitPinoy Exhibit at the Philippine Komikon 2008 held in UP Bahay ng Alumni yesterday 22 November. Our group acquired two(2) booths that showcased the artworks of all international members, GPUAE. ... GuhitPinoy
  • I am bad at this, it'll take me a bit of time before I could recover and make a detailed entry about our KOMIKON 08 experience. But It was a smashing success, congrats to all of us who are there. Ang daming magagandang Titles ngayon. ... Gilbert M., more notes
  • The 4th Komikon was held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni yesterday. So my group Mirida sans one member, with my BF, arrived after lunch to sell our one-shot mini mangas. We saw Wilson Tortosa once more. And had pictures taken with him as our ... Kat
  • I wanted to take a pic of the cute lolita and the Sora cosplayer, but I didn't have enough time :( Many thanks to Neph for asking the cosplayer if we can take her pic X3 I went straight to Komikon after the HeroCon, and I totally LAMENT ... Thyalla
  • This is the first Komikon I attended. Nagkita-kita kami nina Ron Mendoza, Ronald Tabuzo at Mars Alvir na lumuwas pa ng Maynila galing ng Tarlac sa Precious page. Then at 3:30 PM we went at UP Bahay Alumni kung saan ginaganap ang Komikon ... Arman
  • I was late in coming in to the KomiKon since i had a couple more errands to go to earlier that day, and as luck would have me, my camera’s battery decided to run out at that time, which accounts for some lousy blurry and limited ... bunnylette
  • Bought. - 3 copies of Kiko Machine’s latest then had them signed by Manix Abrera. - 2 copies of Zsa Zsa compilation then had them signed by Carlo Vergara. I’m giving away my unsigned copy. - 2 copies of Bayan Knights and had them signed ... danceordropdead
  • Last Saturday I accompanied Tiu and Rey [of freshmanila] to Komikon at UP’s Bahay ng Alumni. It was a small event and we only stayed for a bit. A lot of pinoy komiks aficionado… IMAG0075. [Alfredo P. Alcala’s STAR WARS comics! ... bnycastro
  • I hate to admit it, but Komikon 2008 was the first time I ever attended this event in UP. I’ve met a lot of the comic book creators involved before in other events (eg Toycon, Cosplay Mania, C3Con, ... Mark P.
  • discordia24 and I went to Komikon, dressed in our rushed Hetalia attire. (much to [info] discordia24 's chagrin, which I find rather odd cause she found it perfectly fine that we were walking around UP campus in military attire, ... muse33
  • November 22nd 2008 was marked as the Fourth Annual Filipino Komiks Convention or KOMIKON which celebrates Filipino comics enthusiast, hobbyist, collectors, companies and more. The venue of the event was once again successfully celebrated at University of the Philippines' Bahay ng Aliumni in Quezon City. ... Chris A. (warning, image heavy post) more pics from cmaotaku
  • Julius Tabiolo ( ) did most and all this photography.Full credits to him.Thanks my friend! ... Artlink Studios
  • 22, 2008, my highschool classmates aand I went to UP Bahay ng Alumni for the 4th Annual Filipino Komiks Convention aka KOMIKON 2008. It was my first time attending such event. I remebered back in highschool, I would just dream of going ... candycola
  • Last Saturday, I attended the fourth Philippine Komiks Convention or Komikon 2008. As usual, this annual event was held at the Bahay ng Alumni at the University of the Philippines in Diliman (and as far as I'm concerned, that's where it ... Marco D.
  • K is for K-Zone, and Komikon 2008! We dropped by the biggest comic book event of the year at the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Saturday and met some of the coolest artists in the biz, such as our very own Jomike Tejido of Foldabots fame, ... Ivan of K-Zone
  • I call this week the "komikon sleep recovery week". I've taken two power naps in the past three days, both at around 6-8pm (before dinner XP), and I've been pretty tired lately. But it's the good sort of tired. ... drifth
  • I didn't expect to meet so many new friends at Komikon. I was very pleased to find out that there are many people who new me and my cause. There, I gave out my very own graphic novel, "The True to Life Story of Gorgoro Henson". ... gorgoro (video)
  • Life on a Pencil : Komikon 2008 coverage - November 22nd 2008 was marked as the Fourth Annual Filipino Komiks Convention or KOMIKON which celebrates Filipino comics enthusiast, hobbyist, collectors,... 2 days ago ... Jann G.
  • I met up with Ferdinand and Mara with her kid Gavin. Albert couldn't make it because he has work. Nemcy, too. Jhaye is practically immobile due to her pregnancy. Still, we met up with other classmates at the Komikon. ... thekartunista, more pics
  • She said yes and I brought down four boxes (14 years worth of unsold Alamat Comics) and said they could give it away to everyone who came to the Komikon. (Well, it wasn’t really 14 years of unsold comics, more like 4 years worth. ... Budjette T., Komix101
  • Sangkaterbang tao (kailangan mo laging makiraan tuwing gagalaw ka) at sangkatutak na komiks ang dinatnan namin. ... Ron M.
  • Komikon 2008 was exhausting but very much worth it. Just like the previous Komikon. I did not had any chance to roam around because I have to man my post and sell my comics as much as I can. I have sold more comics this time than last year. ... Gio P. (more pics)
  • The Komikon this year was really fun for comic book lovers as there was a little bit of something for everyone, whether you loved DC, Marvel, Manga, Anime, Pinoy comics, cartoon strips, independent works, etc. The venue was crowded and ... Maverick
  • (added Dec 2) You don't see me at the table because I'm the one taking the pictures ... Subway Productions
  • you can't spell komikon without f-u-n hmm... i'm a bad speller .... Julius (pics)
  • (added Dec 9) How to get down from here? From the Lunarock Induction weekend to Komikon Saturday I've been so up on happiness, so much so that I'm worrying what gives. ... Noelle (Komikon Co-Host)
  • The Komikon this year seemed to be more crowded than the previous cons with lots more attendees as well as exhibitors/sellers. Whoever said that the local comics scene is dead is sorely mistaken. ... Shelly, photos (IAS)
  • so yeah i went, just didn't blog about it till almost two weeks later. so what? here's my haul:. i went a bit overbudget thanks to a used copy of scott mccloud's understanding comics (it's there beneath the SKP tome), but i did win two ... mcoy
  • I went to KOMIKON at UP Bahay ng Alumni for the first time ever last month, and it was fun! (Not so fun for my wallet, though. I bought so many comics by local creators! I gotta read all of 'em.) I had a whole bunch of stuff signed, including my first edition Beerlenium! (And of course I was wearing my Beerkada shirt, in line with the event.) Fun for everyone! I'll definitely go back next year. ... RenR
  • I didn't expect to meet so many new friends at Komikon. I was very pleased to find out that there are many people who new me and my cause. ... Gorgoro (photos)
  • This year's Komikon was really better than last year for me. A lot of people bought by indies, and my new title's copies got sold out by half. xD ... Pilar (photos)
  • Molly and Szusza's misadventures in Komikon '08 ... Molly (photos)
  • A Summoning At Komikon 2008 ... Wilson (photos)
  • So, it's Sunday late night since I've blog this entry and I'm going to share to you guys about what happened to me on both events, Komikon and Hataw Hanep Hero: The Amped Edition, and in-between-ers. ... matrixshino, photos
  • FreshManila at Komikon 2008 ... freshmanila
  • I would also like to give my BIGGEST THANKS to all the KOMIKON Staff! Thanks for giving us the oppurtunity to showcase our imagination in comic form. ... raykosen (with photos)
  • Ah. It's that time of the year again when all is well and joyful... and I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about Komikon! ... BJ
  • Just got back from Komikon 2008. Whew! So many people, so many books, so many fellow fans and professionals! And of all the Kons I attended eversince 2004, this year has got to be my biggest haul of books!:D So this may take days and days of reading. ... boysoltero
  • Here are some pics from last Saturday's Komikon 2008. I didn't buy much, but I got my girlfriend a caricuttoon and a few magazines. ... Mark M. (photos)
  • Bkada 112208 Komikon 2008 ... Jay-R (photos)
  • ISANG NAPAKASAYANG EVENT!!! (Pasensya na po at hindi ako magaling magpicture ng malayo kaya blurred lols) Sa UP Bahay ng Alumni, 22 of November 2008. ... Ian (photos)
  • Youtube Vid

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Komikon 2008 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following people who have won the following contests for this year's Komikon 2008:

Comic Creation:

1st Place: Mel Casipit / Baboy
2nd Place: Bunny Pasig / Plague Grounds
3rd Place: Rory Pascual & Mirida / Mga Kahindik Hindik ng Tagpo

Character Creation:

1st Place: Manuel Kang / Nayade ng Kalabukab

Comic Strip Making (on the spot):

1st Place: Philip Reytiran
2nd Place: Romulo Gonzales Jr.
3rd Place: Ferlan Mosong

Make the Page (on the spot):

1st Place: Natasha Ringor & Angela Escudero

*For unclaimed prizes, please contact komikon[@] for details.

A lot of people also won from our Trivia Contests, Bring Me Contests, Quick Draw and our Caricature Showdown. Watch out again for announcements on next year's contests!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Komikon Would Like To Thank...

Again, our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported this year's KOMIKON.

Big thanks to UP LUNAROCK and UP GRAIL for assisting us with the week-long activities and at the event itself.

Thank you to the families of Coching, Alcala and Ravelo who contributed to the exhibit as well as the KOMMIX Veterans, Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas and Culture Crash Comics.

Thanks to our Guest of Honor, Gerry Alanguilan, and all our guest panelists during the week, Wilson Tortosa, Harvey Tolibao, Gilbert Monsanto, Prof. Emil Flores, Elbert Or, Jamie Bautista, Michael David, Boboy Yonzon, Ian Cang, Lyndon Gregorio, and Gilda Olvidado for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

Thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, media partners, and food sponsors.

Thank you to all who signed up for the indie tiangge and to those who joined the contests.

Thanks to all who attended despite the weather.

KOMIKS will never die as long as we all work together!!!

Until the next convention...


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homepage: Filipino Komiks Convention

Ika-4 Filipino Komiks Convention
November 22, 2008 (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman Quezon City
Entrance Fee: Php 50

Komikon 2008 Poster

The 4th Filipino Komiks Convention aims to bring together comic book artists/groups and publishers in a venue where they could present their talents, works and services to the public. It will showcase the creations of Filipino artists from various genres and themes and give tribute to the creators and their creations.

Previous Komikons:

KOMIKON 2007 Poster

Ika-3 Filipino Komiks Convention
November 17, 2007 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman Quezon City
Entrance Fee: Php 50

Komikon 2006 Poster
Komikon 2006

2nd Filipino Komiks Convention
October 21, 2006
UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman Quezon City

Komikon 2005 Poster
Komikon 2005

First Filipino Komiks Convention
October 22, 2005
UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman Quezon City

About Service Portal

Looking for something (or someone) to hire, rent or buy? One portal has it all. is where you can find products and services, and even the latest happenings in town – from sports coaching to private tutoring, interior design to graphic arts, business consulting to event planning, cars for rent to properties for sale, art exhibits to band gigs, and more. It is platform for the advertiser to be themselves as allows them to post full information about their offer, post pictures, and upload videos. It is a community where advertisers interact with clients through its message board, chat facility, and feedback mechanism. It is a lifestyle where you can find interesting reads about freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Meanwhile, for freelancers looking for more earning opportunities or entrepreneurs who have something great to offer, can help you. Log on to and explore the possibilities.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About TV5

TV5 beefs up programming with launch of second season shows

TV5 Christmas Promo

To boost its already formidable line-up of fresh and original shows that brought the station to its current number three position, TV5 trots out a new set of smashing shows as the channel launches its second season this November. Keeping true to its promise of catering innovative, relevant, and spirited content, TV5 brings its programming to the next level with a brimful of bigger and more exciting shows—all set to shake your TV with greater magnitude and stronger intensity.

TV5 is offering a variety of booming new shows 24/7 on its second season ranging from drama, reality, news, kids, anime, and gag shows. To complete the program line-up is a brilliant addition that is a fabulous game show—You & Me Against The World hosted by Gretchen Barretto, plus the situational comedy entitled Everybody Hapi starring John Estrada, Eugene Domingo, Alex Gonzaga, Matt Evans and Roxanne Guinoo.

Kids and `tweens will further enjoy their mornings with Filipino-dubbed Nicktoons such as Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Avatar, and Spongebob Squarepants, plus a handful of educational shows such as Blue’s Clues, Barney, and the all-time-favorite Play With Me Sesame. Likewise, four new anime series—Shakugan No Shana II, Mai Hime, Noein, and the award-winning Anime Code Geass—are sure to fire up every anime fanatics’ weekday afternoons.

In addition to the new and unique content are a plethora of weekday primetime shows with edgy and amusing storylines including Hahahayop, hosted by Eugene Domingo; OMG, with Iya Villania as host of this “heightened reality TV”; Kiddie Kwela, hosted by funny man Bayani Agbayani, Video Zonkers, Rescue Mission with TJ Trinidad, and Baikingu with an eclectic mix of hosts—Gabe Mercado, Brod Pete, and Richard del Rosario. To wrap up your day are late night entertainment shows Weakend News with Ramon Bautista, I Am Ninoy, hosted by Bianca Gonzales, FLO—the all-new teen magazine show, and TOYZ, a magazine lifestyle show with gadgets, cars, and lots of bling.

Juicy!, hosted by the bubbly Alex Gonzaga gets a lot juicier and more entertaining with IC Mendoza joining as the equally bubbly co-host. Lipgloss, now bolder and more fast-paced with intriguing issues surrounding the lives of Linden High teens, goes back to back with Midnight DJ, now with Oyoboy Sotto as the new DJ who is yet to discover his gift of a third eye.
Ryan Agoncillo continues to host in Talentadong Pinoy to unearth Pinoys’ talents every Saturday, while Lucy Torres brings it on in Shall We Dance in showcasing guest celebrities’ terpsichorean talents every Sunday.

Continuing to deliver blockbuster movies shown right in the comfort of your own home every evening is 5MAX Movies, now moved to a new schedule at 9 p.m. with bigger titles for a bigger home theater-viewing. Expect bigger titles this second season such as Spiderman, the Hulk, and King Kong.

TV5 will also be offering On-Air promos such as the Kalog Ka-Load wherein viewers can win more than P10,000.00 load daily and P5,000.00 cash. Online promos are also underway in the TV5 website,, where lucky site visitors get the chance to win event or program related prizes such as tickets to the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. These are just samples of what’s in store for TV5 this season.

TV5 is very grateful to all its viewers and supporters and more than happy to launch these second season shows as a thanksgiving to its audience for putting the channel in a solid number three position in Philippine TV. Enjoy all these bigger and more fabulous programs and watch out for much bigger surprises only on TV5. Shake Mo TV Mo!

Shake Mo TV Mo!

About Digital Art Chefs

Digital Art Chefs logo

Who we are:
A group of versatile professional artists who have worked on: comic book productions, conceptual designs, character designs, fashion design, DVD cover arts, storyboards and many others.

What We Do:
Digital Art Chefs aims to cater to your specific artistic hunger.

From Concepts, lay-out, lineart, coloring, toning, lettering to pre-press preparation. We can do it à la carte style or give you the full course meal!

How we Work:
We are all about deadlines and Quality control.

As a group of professional artists, we can assign you a personal Digital Art Chef or even a team of Art Chefs to satisfy your needs.

Digital Art Chefs
Cooking Up Art Solutions For The Connoisseur

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About First Academy Of Computer Arts



Almost eight years have passed since our concept became reality but the excitement is just beginning. We continue to make art fascinating.

We continue to build careers for those who think from out-of-the-box; rebelling against boredom; being different. These qualities have made us stand-out from the rest. If you want to become one of us, there is one question you must answer: are you ready for the next level of exhilaration? Then make your imagination run wild. Taste the fun in exploring and profiting from your creativity!

First Academy of Computer Arts logoDefy norms, redefine traditions, and seize the opportunity to rock the world through art: this is our mantra. With today’s technological advancements, the new wave of art is in digital arts and the notion of the “starving artist” is already off the mark. Now, creativity definitely is equals to cash! From DC to Marvel Comics, from X-Men to Justice League, from Ice Age to Finding Nemo, digital artists are the main creative engines behind empires like Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. Hence, we foresee that the next moolah mogul is you—the artist!

Bet you considered having an ounce of artistry within you! Well it’s time to nurture that potential. To tell you, the amazing thing about digital arts is as long as you have the imagination and the passion, you can always create wonderful artworks. Thanks to technology, having bright ideas is enough to spur you on becoming truly an artist! It was upon this fervor that First Academy of Computer Arts –the pioneer in multimedia and digital arts education in the country –was built.

For almost eight years now, First Academy is regarded to be a hub for aspiring artists. It reputes to be successful in producing talents who make careers in the field of advertising, animation, and multimedia communication. This achievement however humbly began with the institution’s liberating outlook towards art education. First Academy made learning widely accessible to all people of any age from different walks of life. It bridged the gap between dream and actuality for those who ambition to have a future in the creative industry.

Each year hundreds of individuals entrust their future with us. First Academy is known to provide an exceptional training that prepares students to current industry practices. Through the integration of knowledge and application, the curriculum is designed to be truly comprehensive. Yet, with the personalized approach of our dedicated faculty members, learning is made fun, exciting, and comfortable at the same time challenging. As such, First Academy is always acclaimed to have a relevant and effective kind of education. And by effective, we mean of our capability in making you independently creative and immediately employable.
Which is true. For almost eight years now, what could have been better from being different, from being avant-garde and from being able to build careers for creative thinkers? And so we say: be one of us—this choice is truly yours to take!

First Academy Logo
First Academy of Computer Arts
Home of Digital Artists
2nd floor Saville Bldg. 8728 Paseo de Roxas corner Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City
Tel Nos. 898-2724 to 26 / 897-5502

Friday, November 14, 2008

Komikon 2008 Floorplan

So you won't get lost and for you to find your favorite artists and comic groups, here is the floor plan for this year's Komikon 2008!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Here is a list of who/what you should look out for:

(at the left side, facing the stage from entrance to back)

1) New Day Publishing - Get works of Roni Santiago (Baltic & Co.), Simo, Larry Alcala books and First few books of Pol Medina Jr.
2) - Learn more about the online ad services they offer
3) PSICOM - Get PSICOM published comics and magazines
4) Mango Comics - Buy the latest comics and mags
5) IAS - Submit your works and get reviews
6) Groundbreakers Inc - Buy Mangaholix and have them signed
7) Future Star - sounds system
8) Indie Comics Tiangge - Read fresh comics from our Independent comic makers. See a full list of Indie Comic Participants here.

(at the right side, facing the stage from the entrance to the back)
  • ArtistsDen Booth - For Inquiries, complaints (we hope not); Komikon merchandise (shirts, pins, etc); and comic items of the ArtistsDen: Ariel of Class, Syeri of Carpool, Jon of Digmaang Salinlahi and Lyndon of Beerkada

  • UP LUNAROCK - partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff

  • UP Grail - partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff

(in front of the stage, counter clockwise)

1) Kommix Veterans
2) Digital Art Chefs
3) College of St. Benilde
4) Glass House Graphics

(center area, L-R from entrance to back)

1) CS Central (E37-40)
2) Randy Lansangan (E33)
3) Jeff Benitez / Joel Chua (E34)
4) JAE (E35-36)
5) SKP (E29-30)
6) Blue Cow (E31)
7) Hobby Point (E32)
8) Comic Odyssey (E25-28)
9) Talecraft (E21)
10) Inferno Krusher (E22)
11) Alamat (E23)
12) VPE (E24)
13) Guhit Pinoy (E17-18)
14) Twilights World Publishing House (E19)
15) freshMANILA /Freelance Artists Society (E20)
16) FullyBooked (E13-16)
17) Sacred Mountain (E9)
18) Vibal/WikiFilipinas (E10-11)
19) Mark Navarro (E12)
20) Ner P. (E5)
21) Subway Productions (E6)
22) Ram Lee (E7)
23) Olympia (E8)
24) DA MEAT (E1)
25) Bad Luck (E2)
26) Cindo Studios (E3-4)

Food Options (Left and Right Side Entrances)

1) Ajisaki Japanese Food
2) Potato Vits
3) Snowcone
4) Hero Bites
5) OMG Kawaii Bento
6) (mongolian food)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Komikon Contests On November 22

The deadline has passed for the Comic Creation, Make The Page and Character Creation. If you were not able to join, do not fret! We still have loads of activities and contests for you on November 22!


1. Registration is from 10am-12noon on November 22
2. Contest starts at 1:00pm
3. Contestants will create a 10 x 3 inch strip based on the theme that will only be revealed when the contest starts.
4. Paper and pencils will be provided. Additional materials brought by the contestants may be used.
5. After the time limit of 60 minutes, artworks will be judged. Finished or not finished, pass your papers! :D


1. A group of 2-3 people can register.
2. Registration is from 10am-12noon on November 22
3. Contest starts at 3:00pm
4. The script will only be revealed when the contest begins.
5. Contestants must illustrate the script into a 2-page comic. No other words may be added except for sound effects.
6. Paper and pencils will be provided. Additional materials brought by the contestants may be used.
7. After the time limit of 90 minutes, artworks will be judged. Finished or not finished.

Randomly from 10 am to 8 pm, we'll be having on-stage games like Speed Drawing Contest, Caricature Showdown, Quick Draw, and Trivia Games!!! The mechanics for these fun and challenging contests will be announced on November 22.

So be prepared!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Komikon 2008 Events Poster

Komikon 2008 Week-long events schedule:

Click on image to see full size

For more information visit:

Komiks 101 and Komikon Week Schedule

Feel free to share and invite your friends and family.

For lectures, classrooms are to be announced. Limited seats available. First come, first serve on-site registration.

For more information about the event please contact Rikki of LUNAROCK at 0915-4269190; Roja of UP GRAIL at 0919-3354089 or email us at komikon[@]

Culture Crash Comics Reunited At Komikon 2008

Nabitin ba kayo? Gusto niyo ba ulit ng Reunion? Magsasama-sama silang muli kung saan nagsimula ang lahat…sa U.P.

...No, we are not talking about the band Eraserheads.

8 years ago, a group of 4 individuals breathed new life into Philippine comics. Culture Crash Comics first appeared on August of 2000. It’s a full colored anthology including a few pages of articles about the latest in music, games, movies, comics and technology. The man in charge of “The Premiere Comic Magazine” is Jescie James Palabay. James “Da Bhoss” is also the writer of the title “One Day Isang Diwa”, which is drawn by Elmer Damaso. The story features the not-so-typical high school life of Jun and his friends and a diwata named Diwa . Elmer, a.k.a. “I.Q. 40”, created “Cats Trail” which is about the adventures of Airee, a thief in the fantastical world of Memeria. The title “Pasig” was the post apocalyptic world of a bounty hunter named Mina, written and drawn by Melvin Calingo, a.k.a. “Taga-Ilog”. Jerard “JIO” Beltran did the futuristic mecha story “Solstice Butterfly” which was placed in hiatus on issue 8 and was replaced by “Kubori Kikiam” by Michael “Taga-kanal” David, a comic about talking fight food and what-nots in their lives.

In the four years of Culture Crash Comics they created the stir about Manga vs. Filipino art styles. They held the C3CON: The First Philippine Comicbook and Anime conventions in 2002 and 2003. They’ve given spotlight to independent comic book artists and more publishers followed suit. After 15 issues the company closed.

Why did it close? When will it come back? Will it ever come back? Where are the artists now? What have they been doing? All these questions can be answered at the KOMIKON 2008 as the Culture Crash takes the stage for their reunion. For more details about the KOMIKON visit, or send an e-mail to komikon[@]

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Komikon 2008 Official Poster

Eto na ang inyong pinakahihintay... the official poster for Komikon 2008!

Komikon 2008: 4th Philippine Komiks Convention
10 am to 8pm, November 22, 2008
UP Bahay ng Alumni

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gerry Alanguilan - Quintessential Komikero

Who says comics in the Philippines is dead when people like our guest of honor keep it alive?

Gerry Alanguilan
, pride of San Pablo City in Laguna, is the artist for local titles Wasted, Johnny Balbona, Humanis Rex!, Timawa and ELMER. He also contributed to anthologies like Siglo: Freedom, Siglo: Passion and Filipino Komiks. His website,, features his many works, videos and an online comics museum. The Philippine Comics Art Museum is a collection and proof of the rich comic heritage the Philippines had decades ago. He also became a professor at the College of St. Benilde. There he taught;Comics Illustration; for one term. Gerry has been invited to speak at numerous talks in different colleges and universities.

Aside from his local works, he is known for his contributions in the United States comic industry. He is known as inker for titles like Wetworks, X-Men, Superman: Birthright, Wolverine, High Roads, Fantastic Four, and Silent Dragon. He has also worked alongside with Leinil Francis Yu and Whilce Portacio.

Gerry Alanguilan will be one of the panelists at the KOMIKS 101 - a talk to be held on November 17, 2008 (Monday) at the UP Fine Arts Auditorium, UP Diliman. He'll be talking on the topic "Komiks in Education - Including comics into the curriculum"; which will be from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. He, along with Elbert Or and Jamie Bautista, will also have a lecture, "Comic Writing for Artists", on November 20, 2008 (Thursday) from 2:30pm-4:30pm at the College of Fine Arts in UP Diliman.

Get to know him even more at the 4th Annual Filipino Komiks Covention (KOMIKON) 2008 on November 22 (Saturday) at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City. Gerry will take the stage for a Q&A as part of the day's program. Have the opportunity to purchase his comics and have them signed.

Visit his site at for more information of Gerry Alanguilan. To know details about the KOMIKON 2008, visit or or email us at komikon[@]

Monday, November 03, 2008

Komikon 2008 Week-Long Events Schedule

brings you a week long KOMIKON 2008!!!

Besides the convention proper on November 22, 2008, there will be activities held from November 17 - 21 at the UP College of Arts and Letters (UP CAL) and in the UP College of Fine Arts (UP CFA) for KOMIKON. Our schedule is as follows:

November 17 (Mon)

KOMIKS 101 Talk

Venue: UP CFA Auditorium

Filipino Comic Artists Working for Companies Abroad
Time: 10:00am - 12noon
Harvey Tolibao
Wilson Tortosa
Gilbert Monsanto
Melvin Calingo

Including Comics into the Curriculum
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Gerry Alanguilan
Gilbert Monsanto
Elbert Or
Jose "Chong" Ardivilla
Emil Flores

November 18 (Tue)

  • OPENING of EXHIBIT at UP Faculty Center Galleria 1

  • UP CAL Workshop: "Comic Making for Writers"
  • Time: 2:30-4:30pm
  • Venue: UP CAL Rm 506
  • Speaker: Jonas Diego

November 19 (Wed)

UP CAL Workshop: "Old Comics to Modern TV Adaptations"
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Venue: UP CAL Rm 506
Speaker: Gilda Olvidado

November 20 (Thurs)

UP CFA Workshop: "Comic Writing for Artists"
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Venue: UP CFA (classroom to be announced*)
Speaker: Gerry Alanguilan , Elbert Or and Jamie Bautista

November 21 (Fri)

UP CFA Workshop: "Publishing Comics: Mainstream and Independent"
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Venue: UP CFA (classroom to be announced)
Speaker: Ian Cang, Lyndon Gregorio, Michael David

November 22 (Sat)

Komikon 2008: 4th Philippine Komiks Convention
Time: 10 am - 6pm
Venue: UP Bahay ng Alumni

For more information about the event please contact Rikki of UP LUNAROCK at 0915-4269190; Roja of UP GRAIL at 0919-3354089 or email us at

*(to be announced) - Please come back for updates here.
**Updates are in bold red