Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About First Academy Of Computer Arts



Almost eight years have passed since our concept became reality but the excitement is just beginning. We continue to make art fascinating.

We continue to build careers for those who think from out-of-the-box; rebelling against boredom; being different. These qualities have made us stand-out from the rest. If you want to become one of us, there is one question you must answer: are you ready for the next level of exhilaration? Then make your imagination run wild. Taste the fun in exploring and profiting from your creativity!

First Academy of Computer Arts logoDefy norms, redefine traditions, and seize the opportunity to rock the world through art: this is our mantra. With today’s technological advancements, the new wave of art is in digital arts and the notion of the “starving artist” is already off the mark. Now, creativity definitely is equals to cash! From DC to Marvel Comics, from X-Men to Justice League, from Ice Age to Finding Nemo, digital artists are the main creative engines behind empires like Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. Hence, we foresee that the next moolah mogul is you—the artist!

Bet you considered having an ounce of artistry within you! Well it’s time to nurture that potential. To tell you, the amazing thing about digital arts is as long as you have the imagination and the passion, you can always create wonderful artworks. Thanks to technology, having bright ideas is enough to spur you on becoming truly an artist! It was upon this fervor that First Academy of Computer Arts –the pioneer in multimedia and digital arts education in the country –was built.

For almost eight years now, First Academy is regarded to be a hub for aspiring artists. It reputes to be successful in producing talents who make careers in the field of advertising, animation, and multimedia communication. This achievement however humbly began with the institution’s liberating outlook towards art education. First Academy made learning widely accessible to all people of any age from different walks of life. It bridged the gap between dream and actuality for those who ambition to have a future in the creative industry.

Each year hundreds of individuals entrust their future with us. First Academy is known to provide an exceptional training that prepares students to current industry practices. Through the integration of knowledge and application, the curriculum is designed to be truly comprehensive. Yet, with the personalized approach of our dedicated faculty members, learning is made fun, exciting, and comfortable at the same time challenging. As such, First Academy is always acclaimed to have a relevant and effective kind of education. And by effective, we mean of our capability in making you independently creative and immediately employable.
Which is true. For almost eight years now, what could have been better from being different, from being avant-garde and from being able to build careers for creative thinkers? And so we say: be one of us—this choice is truly yours to take!

First Academy Logo
First Academy of Computer Arts
Home of Digital Artists
2nd floor Saville Bldg. 8728 Paseo de Roxas corner Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City
Tel Nos. 898-2724 to 26 / 897-5502

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