Friday, November 14, 2008

Komikon 2008 Floorplan

So you won't get lost and for you to find your favorite artists and comic groups, here is the floor plan for this year's Komikon 2008!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Here is a list of who/what you should look out for:

(at the left side, facing the stage from entrance to back)

1) New Day Publishing - Get works of Roni Santiago (Baltic & Co.), Simo, Larry Alcala books and First few books of Pol Medina Jr.
2) - Learn more about the online ad services they offer
3) PSICOM - Get PSICOM published comics and magazines
4) Mango Comics - Buy the latest comics and mags
5) IAS - Submit your works and get reviews
6) Groundbreakers Inc - Buy Mangaholix and have them signed
7) Future Star - sounds system
8) Indie Comics Tiangge - Read fresh comics from our Independent comic makers. See a full list of Indie Comic Participants here.

(at the right side, facing the stage from the entrance to the back)
  • ArtistsDen Booth - For Inquiries, complaints (we hope not); Komikon merchandise (shirts, pins, etc); and comic items of the ArtistsDen: Ariel of Class, Syeri of Carpool, Jon of Digmaang Salinlahi and Lyndon of Beerkada

  • UP LUNAROCK - partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff

  • UP Grail - partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff

(in front of the stage, counter clockwise)

1) Kommix Veterans
2) Digital Art Chefs
3) College of St. Benilde
4) Glass House Graphics

(center area, L-R from entrance to back)

1) CS Central (E37-40)
2) Randy Lansangan (E33)
3) Jeff Benitez / Joel Chua (E34)
4) JAE (E35-36)
5) SKP (E29-30)
6) Blue Cow (E31)
7) Hobby Point (E32)
8) Comic Odyssey (E25-28)
9) Talecraft (E21)
10) Inferno Krusher (E22)
11) Alamat (E23)
12) VPE (E24)
13) Guhit Pinoy (E17-18)
14) Twilights World Publishing House (E19)
15) freshMANILA /Freelance Artists Society (E20)
16) FullyBooked (E13-16)
17) Sacred Mountain (E9)
18) Vibal/WikiFilipinas (E10-11)
19) Mark Navarro (E12)
20) Ner P. (E5)
21) Subway Productions (E6)
22) Ram Lee (E7)
23) Olympia (E8)
24) DA MEAT (E1)
25) Bad Luck (E2)
26) Cindo Studios (E3-4)

Food Options (Left and Right Side Entrances)

1) Ajisaki Japanese Food
2) Potato Vits
3) Snowcone
4) Hero Bites
5) OMG Kawaii Bento
6) (mongolian food)


Anonymous said...

asan kami naka pwesto dyan? freshmanila

Komikon Committee said...

Hi freshMANILA,

Updated the listing. You're at number 15, which is E20.


Anonymous said...

sana sabado na!:)