Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Culture Crash Comics Reunited At Komikon 2008

Nabitin ba kayo? Gusto niyo ba ulit ng Reunion? Magsasama-sama silang muli kung saan nagsimula ang lahat…sa U.P.

...No, we are not talking about the band Eraserheads.

8 years ago, a group of 4 individuals breathed new life into Philippine comics. Culture Crash Comics first appeared on August of 2000. It’s a full colored anthology including a few pages of articles about the latest in music, games, movies, comics and technology. The man in charge of “The Premiere Comic Magazine” is Jescie James Palabay. James “Da Bhoss” is also the writer of the title “One Day Isang Diwa”, which is drawn by Elmer Damaso. The story features the not-so-typical high school life of Jun and his friends and a diwata named Diwa . Elmer, a.k.a. “I.Q. 40”, created “Cats Trail” which is about the adventures of Airee, a thief in the fantastical world of Memeria. The title “Pasig” was the post apocalyptic world of a bounty hunter named Mina, written and drawn by Melvin Calingo, a.k.a. “Taga-Ilog”. Jerard “JIO” Beltran did the futuristic mecha story “Solstice Butterfly” which was placed in hiatus on issue 8 and was replaced by “Kubori Kikiam” by Michael “Taga-kanal” David, a comic about talking fight food and what-nots in their lives.

In the four years of Culture Crash Comics they created the stir about Manga vs. Filipino art styles. They held the C3CON: The First Philippine Comicbook and Anime conventions in 2002 and 2003. They’ve given spotlight to independent comic book artists and more publishers followed suit. After 15 issues the company closed.

Why did it close? When will it come back? Will it ever come back? Where are the artists now? What have they been doing? All these questions can be answered at the KOMIKON 2008 as the Culture Crash takes the stage for their reunion. For more details about the KOMIKON visit, or send an e-mail to komikon[@]


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I've been waiting all my life for their comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH THANK YOU LOOOORRRRRDDDD!!!!!! More power to CCCOM!!!

Anonymous said...

nkakabuhay ng dugu!! ahekhek!

Anonymous said...


parang banda nga ng eraserheads!!

(pero im not interested to them hehehe)

better luck po nice!!! ^_^

may RoKer pa po ba sa inyo?

vasilli said...

Tang-ina ang tagala nang hindi nag po produce ang Culture Crash ng comics nila ha... Ayaw ko pa naman ng nabibitin. Wew! Kelan ba yung sunod na production nyo ng comics?

lexter said...

papaano bang sumali sa cccom po?