Thursday, April 30, 2009

Official Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009 Poster

Official Poster: Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009The Hottest Komiks Event This Summer!

UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman
May 16, 2009, 10am-8pm, Saturday
Entrance Fee: Php 50.00
(*Early arrivers will get lots of freebies!!)

With Special Guests...

Wilson Tortosa (Wolverine: Prodigal Son)


Manix Abrera

Join our PALARONG PINOY including our first ever "KOMIKON IDOL"!!! And stay tuned for the announcement of BIGGER THINGS TO COME.

See you all there!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Komikon Indie COMICS Tiangge Clarifications

There has been a lot of questions on the Terms of the Komikon Indie Tiangge. After deliberation by the committee, we would like to inform everyone of the following guidelines:

1) Komikon COMICS Indie Tiangge is for selling comics - original or fanfics are accepted.

2) Merchandise will be allowed, ONLY IF, it is based on your own original comics' creation/characters.

3) Any other merchandise will not be allowed. Unauthorized items will be confiscated by a Komikon representative.

4) Individuals/groups found to have violated the terms and conditions will be subject to disciplinary actions and consequent penalties.

Examples of items that will be allowed:

-Original comics that you (or your group) created using your own original characters;

-Doujin/fan-made comics that you (or your group) created based on other characters as drawn by you with your own interpretation;

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) made by you (or your group) based on your original characters from your original comics

Examples of items that WILL NOT be allowed:

-Pornographic comics and non-comics merchandise depicting child/children

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on your fan made comics

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on established comics/anime/movie/etc characters that you do not own

Any questions or clarifications must be directed towards the Komikon Organizers via email at komikon[@]