Sunday, April 26, 2009

Komikon Indie COMICS Tiangge Clarifications

There has been a lot of questions on the Terms of the Komikon Indie Tiangge. After deliberation by the committee, we would like to inform everyone of the following guidelines:

1) Komikon COMICS Indie Tiangge is for selling comics - original or fanfics are accepted.

2) Merchandise will be allowed, ONLY IF, it is based on your own original comics' creation/characters.

3) Any other merchandise will not be allowed. Unauthorized items will be confiscated by a Komikon representative.

4) Individuals/groups found to have violated the terms and conditions will be subject to disciplinary actions and consequent penalties.

Examples of items that will be allowed:

-Original comics that you (or your group) created using your own original characters;

-Doujin/fan-made comics that you (or your group) created based on other characters as drawn by you with your own interpretation;

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) made by you (or your group) based on your original characters from your original comics

Examples of items that WILL NOT be allowed:

-Pornographic comics and non-comics merchandise depicting child/children

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on your fan made comics

-Non-comics merchandise (like pins, bookmarks, etc) based on established comics/anime/movie/etc characters that you do not own

Any questions or clarifications must be directed towards the Komikon Organizers via email at komikon[@]

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