Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Great Level Up Artists Search Contests 2006

Level Up! Games, in cooperation with the Artists' Den, is pleased to announce the following Artists Search Contests for KOMIKON 2006!

Ragnarok Online is having the Comics Creation Competition. This contest has a Grand Prize of Php 2,500 in cash, 200 million zeny, guaranteed +3 upgrade to any 1 item, 20 Old Purple Boxes and RO merchandise.

RF Online is having the Quest for the RF Online Illustrator.. This contest has a First Prize of P 2,500 in cash, 3 level boost (max level 45) for the winner’s RF character, max PTs for Defense and Primary Attack Stat for the winner’s RF character and the possibility of being commissioned to do the art for RF Online’s webcomic.

Judging and announcement of winners will be at the Komikon 2006. Komikon 2006 is the Second Filipino Komiks Convention and will be held on October 21, 2006 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

So what are you waiting for, artistic people? Sharpen those pencils and turn on those computers and join the Level Up! Artists Search 2006!


Horseman said...

OK, so how does this work. I am new to cyberspace, and so do not understand alot. I have created a webcomic though. It is a story about good verses evil. You can see at

Anonymous said...

Please read through the contest guidelines for the Level-Up Games contest posted if you'd like to join.
Feel free to read through the blog for the other contest guidelines.