Thursday, August 09, 2007

Komikon Indie Registration


There will be 10 tables provided for the indie tiangge.
Four (4) groups/individuals per table (only 4 chairs per table).
First 40 groups/individuals to register will be allowed to sell their comics / merchandize at the event.

Terms to be considered:

  • Individuals/ group will still pay the entrance fee of P50
  • First come, First Serve seating. Please come 1 hour before the event starts.
  • To avoid crowding, only 1 person for a group can be seated in the indie tiangge area.
  • The organizers will get 10% of the total comic / merchandize sales at the end of the day

If you are agreeable to these terms,send the following details to komikon[at] with the subject: KOMIKON 2007 INDIE COMICS

Artist/group name:
Indie titles to be sold:
contact numbers:
website: (optional)


Anonymous said...

Hi! We registered, hope you got it (coz no confirmation email is being sent back)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Korean guy. I'm very happy to send my message to you in Pilippines.
I'm personal business man, novelist.
This time I wanna publish my novel in Korea.
Also I have plan to publish comik book with my novel story, so I wanna work with Pilippines comik artist.
But unfortunatley I don't have much money, so I wanna meet unexpensive price, can I?
I wanna know adequate artist pay and his art style.
Could you introduce couple of artists and information?

If it possible, I'm going to vist there and work together two or three works in few monthes.

Please e-mail me about that information.
I like Pilippines comik style and I wanna work with Pilippines comik artist.
I'll wait your e-mail. Bye.

ps : my e-mail :

totmoartsstudio said...

ei pag group po ba kailangan isa lang yung komiks nila like Culture Crash or Mangaholix? or pwedeng individual yung komiks ng group pero under one name(publisher)