Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Digital Coloring Contest Submission

Win a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet in two ways!

GlassHouseGraphics, Studio Sakka and WACOM presents Digital Coloring Contest Submission @ KOMIKON

  • Bring and submit to us a one page pin up of your best digital colored work or
  • Bring a 1-2 page sequential comics, digitally colored, with or without lettering.
  • Entries should be printed in a size of 11x17.with label of your name, contact, email at the back of your entry.
  • If you don't have an artwork. You can download some pin up coloring sample in our website at http://www.glasshousegraphics.com/breakingin

Submit it to the Glass House Graphics / Studio Sakka booth at the 3rd KOMIKON, November 17, 2007. 10am-4pm at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman

  • Artwork can be in any style. Western, Anime Manga, Manhwa, Cartoon etc.

1 Winner for Digital Colored Pin up &

1 Winner for Digital Colored Sequential Page

For inquiries or questions send them to ~popazrael at azrael[at]gmail. com / azrael[at]glasshousegraphics.com

Glasshouse Graphics site: http://www.glasshousegraphics.com/


David Campiti will be at the Komikon, and visit our booth for a portfolio review if you want to try out and break in with us to work for a US comic market. Bring your best portfolio and sample. pencils, inks, colors, pin ups and sequentials

For more info about the portfolio review email azrael[at]gmail. comor if you want to send your portfolio via email and receive an immediate response, just email it to david[at]glasshousegraphics.com before November 17.

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