Friday, August 15, 2008

Indie Comic Contest by KC Cordero

(Repost from Gerry A's blog)

KC Cordero, Associate Editor for The Buzz Magasin, Managing Editor of SINDAK! and the man behind a lot of comic book activity during the past couple of years, will be embarking on a rather surprising and selfless endeavor on the 4th Annual Philippine Comics Convention or Komikon at the UP Bahay ng Alumni on November 22, 2008.

He will be offering a 1-gig Samsung mp3 player as grand prize, along with books, comics, art supplies, and lots more to whoever comes up with the BEST “indie” at the Komikon. If you have an indie at the Komikon, you don’t have to sign up, register or join anything. KC will go to the Komikon and buy every single freaking indie in the place. That’s right. BUY. I think that’s amazing. So I think it’s a great idea to set aside a copy for KC when he passes by your table.

Philippine comics IS worth it, guys. It may not pay as much, but it’s still worth our very best.

For details on KC’s contest, head on over to KC’s blog.

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