Monday, August 01, 2005

About the Artists' Den

[Sino nga ba ang Artists' Den at bakit sila nagpakana ng Komikon: Philippine Komiks Convention? Basahin ito...]

Who are the Artists' Den really and why made them crazy, I mean, start KOMIKON: Philippine Komiks Convention? Read on...


The Artists’ Den is founded in the year 1999 by a group of 3 artists who dreamed of starting a group that would cater to the different art groups in the Philippines with different styles of drawing and beliefs. The artists and their followers are an unattended audience here in our country but the founding members believed in everyone’s potential to draw and reach for the stars. The group meets on a weekly basis to share views and update each other on the latest developments and news. The group also has a mailing list with more than 200 subscribers where artists convene online aside from the weekly meetings. Our organization has a long-term commitment to helping other artist groups, to promote goodwill among fellow Comic Creators and promote different works and activities among appreciative audiences.

- To make the artist realize Who he is as a person and the purpose of his existence.
- To let the artist realize Who he really is as an artist
- To make the artist realize What influence he can make from this generation to the next.
- To initiate & facilitate activities that would create an atmosphere of interactivity & creativity
- To elevate art to a higher form of professionalism and create an awareness that art is a
lifestyle and not a trend.
- To teach them to teach others.

"To give the artist aim, a higher level of empowerment and enhanced art-worth leading to powerful artwork, through apprenticeship and mentoring, propagating the passion to other artists."

In the past 6 years, the Artists’ Den has participated on various Conventions and Events. Just this year, the group has participated at 4th Philippine Toy Convention (TOYCON), 3rd New Worlds Alliance Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention (NWA SciFi Con), 1st G2 Games and Gadget Show 2005. The CORE Group has decided that it’s about time that the group organize a convention of their own, an event quite different from the previous ones they have participated in. Thus, KOMIKon is born.

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